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Intro/Community Development

Welcome to the amazingly astonishing 7th year Birthday of the fantastically fabulous site known as deviantART! 7 years old on August 7th of 2007! How lucky is that. We have dozens of events and contests all day long and the bulk of them themed around the number 7! Loads of prizes to win, tons of time to hop on dAmn and meet some new people as well! So, read on and see what is going down this August 7th and say Happy Birthday to all your fellow deviants old and new alike!

Here's to another 7 years! :lolly:

Artist Relations

The Artist Relations team has organized a slew of contests based on the Seven Deadly Sins and  Seven Heavenly Virtues.

They will appear in the journals of your beloved gallery directors and are orchestrated as such:

Seven Deadly Sins
Pride – Literature
Envy – Digital Art
Gluttony – Pixel Art & Icons
Lust – General Photography, Stock, Nature & Fetish Photography
Wrath – Flash
Greed – Wallpaper
Sloth – Traditional Art

Seven Heavenly Virtues
Faith – Community Projects
Hope – Text Art
Charity – Ring Master
Fortitude – Antro Art
Justice – Comics/Cartoons & Manga/Anime
Temperance – Wallpaper
Prudence – Artistic Nude

Please see $Moonbeam13's journal for links to all of these exciting contests and try your hand at winning tons of prizes! On top of this, many gallery directors and myself will be hanging out on dAmn handing out various subscription prizes! We are very excited to be celebrating our 7th birthday with you and we hope you take some time to party with us :party:


dAmn and the Forums

dAmn is THE place to be on our birthday. We've got lots of contests and various giveaways happening throughout the day, so make sure you stop by the following channels to join in all the fun.

:star: #BirthdayBash - The Official Channel for our 7th Birthday Celebrations.
:star: #CreativeStaff - Stop by and catch up with :devHeidi: and the creative team for more fun and giveaways!
:star: #Shop - The Official Channel for devwear and prints store contests, get your hands on some goodies in here and join in the Show Us Your Prints Contest.
:star: #AR - The Official Channel for Artist Relations on dAmn. Lots of contest going on in here!
:star: #communitydev - Catch up with staff  and volunteers from MN@, CEA and the Help Desk in here. More goodies to be won!
:star: #Seniors - Ever wanted to know what it's like to be a Senior Member of the Community? Stop by and join in with the Seniors ArtJam, or get some critique on your work - you may even win something!

Of course, that's not everything - don't forget #devart where you'll be able to find out where all the latest fun and contests are happening. We've even got a scavenger hunt for you, as well as other surprise which you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for. And don't worry if you're unable to get onto dAmn, we've got plans for the forums as well, you won't miss out.

Show Us Your Prints

By popular demand, we are extending the deadline of our Show Us Your Prints Contest, so if you are still wondering what product you're going to take a picture of, or you can't make your mind up whether you need a new mousemat or a new mug in order to get that perfect shot, then now is the time to do so.




deviantWEAR - SEVEN CONTESTS – every two hours FROM 7AM to 7PM
Win over $777 worth of prizes!

deviantWEAR is kickin' into high gear for deviantART's 7th birthday. The deviantWEAR storewill feature 3 BRAND NEW SHIRTS, a new TANK TOP for the ladies AND for the first time ever, a deviantART STICKER PACK!
Tune in early to get the details for the days contests and giveaways on the devWEAR page. The devWEAR staff will be hanging out in #shop doing trivia, challenges and scavenger hunts and giving away over $777 in prizes including the new line of deviantWEAR shirts, some of the classic devWEAR designs, subscriptions and more.

Contest Schedule:

:star: 7am – deviantWEAR ONE WEEK DESIGN JAM BEGINS.
    - Open from August 7th - 7am PST until August 14th- 12pm noon.
    - Grand Prize is $400 cash, a one year subscription, 2 deviantWEAR shirts of your choice and 2 shirts of your design after it is printed.
    - Winner will be determined by a combination number of favorites, number of pageviews, and votes from our devWEAR designers on the Creative Staff.

:star: 9am - Artistic Action Shot competition. Grab your devWEAR, put together a great, creative action shot, and win some schwag!

:star: 11am - Meet in #Shop for Trivia/ New product giveaway.

:star: 1pm – Design a deviantWEAR Stamp to win a Hoodie contest begins. Submit entries between 1pm and 3pm PST by linking them in a comment. ( see the £deviantWEAR journal for submission rules. )

:star: 3pm - Write it to win it. Re-write the product description of one of our new products in order to win that product! ( see the £deviantWEAR journal for submission rules. )

:star: 5pm – Webcam competition. Screenshot and caption contest.

:star: 7pm – Meet in #Shop for devWEAR scavenger hunt.


Watch For Last Chance "Easter Eggs" in the devWEAR Inventory!

We recently tore through the boxes in the deviantWEAR storage room and decided to clear out the leftovers from series' past. Almost all of our designs are 100% sold out, never to be reprinted again. But there are still a few shirts down there that have been set aside over the years. So if you had your heart set on something from a past series, this might be the last chance you'll ever have to purchase it. Stock will be posted at random throughout the day on the 7th so keep your eyes open or hang out in #shop for releases as they happen.
Hint: We're launching a webcam on the £deviantwear page that might offer a sneak peak of shirts that are about to be posted. So tune in and get your shopping carts ready!

And finally, the STORE IS STOCKED!!!!

You might notice that we've restocked all items that are currently for sale. If we've been sold out of your size check again. Its probably there for you now!
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happy bday to u
happy bday dear DevART
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I JOINED ON AUGUST 7 !!! hommggg !
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:party: =D
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Happy B'Day
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where are the winner's of the contests been posted ( not that it's likely that i won anything )

just curious as to what were the winning entries - more favs! :ninjaplot:
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Happy Birthday DeviantART!
Wow! Neutral Joy!!!!
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glad to meet you
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i'm new on devient art but it's the best site i've ever seen !
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my birthday is on the 7th also

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oh my lovely site...

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:D a s*** poem made by me...
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thanks 2 all.

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OK i'm going to try hard to pay attention to future publications about what's going on :)
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it's THAT old!!!!!!!!
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bcp d'amour et tout ce qui va avec !
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